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Project Expertise. Design/Build Electrical Contractors. Serving Kansas City metro area,
St. Joseph and Sedalia, Missouri and Topeka, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska.


For years, RS Electric has successfully completed projects on a Design-Build basis. Utilizing the most current National Electrical Code, our staff has the capabilities to design your electrical systems per local jurisdictions. Many of our clients rely on us to have knowledge of specific facilities and processes in order to design, price, procure and construct projects on a routine basis.

Whether it’s starting from scratch with a blank piece of paper or being provided a set of P&IDs, RS has the skills to complete a competitively priced project to the highest quality and standards our clients have come to expect. We understand the upfront time commitments required of the owner, general contractor and other specialty trades to make sure the end product is safe, functional and on budget. In addition, RS works with many engineering firms in a design-assist role or a traditional architect-engineer/general contractor-subcontractor method of project delivery.

Our expertise in Low Voltage services includes fiber optic splicing. We do this by fusion splicing. We also perform thorough fiber optic testing.


RS Electric has an excellent track record of successfully completing projects on a Turn-Key basis. Many of our clients rely on us for our knowledge of facilities and processes, and to design, price, procure and construct projects on a routine basis. Whether it’s starting from scratch with a blank piece of paper or being provided a set of P&IDs, RS has the skills to provide a competitive project with the high level of quality our clients have come to expect from start (conceptual) to finish (commissioning).

Some of our niche Turn-Key services include:

  1. Integration projects providing programming capabilities. RS does provide in-house integration services and on the larger projects, RS will coordinate and work with large control houses to provide the proper control architecture and control systems, and provide support once the processes are placed in operation.
  2. Instrumentation capabilities. We work on instrumentation projects on a daily basis. Whether it’s in-house or with a Mechanical Contractor, we’ve either installed or wired all types of instruments throughout the industries and either handled the commissioning or assisted the owner with the commissioning process.
  3. Primary electrical utility capabilities. Some projects are primary metered and RS can provide all the high-and-medium voltage services without the owner or general contractor having to contract with another electrical contractor.


Day in and day out, RS estimators are asked to provide budget numbers for all types of electrical projects in all types of industries. Whether it’s plant engineers/maintenance managers asking for numbers for their next year’s budget, or a general contractor assisting an owner providing cost estimates for projects, our estimators have the skills to do this with even basic information and still provide accurate numbers.

Guaranteed Max Pricing

Many projects are estimated and proposed with a not-to-exceed price for a specific scope of work. Due to limited information, this method happens quite frequently because of the trust customers have with RS. When we perform a project under this method, all savings will be retained by the owner and/or general contractor. This method of contracting is often utilized between RS and our customers when multiple bids are submitted for a project and the customer prefers RS over the competition even though we weren’t the lowest bidder.

Fee Basis

Some project requirements are so fast tracked and the schedule is so short that the architects and engineers are designing while the project is under construction. RS has frequently been awarded projects like this by agreeing to a competitive fee so the project can move forward and be completed successfully. Customers are confident in working with us on a fee basis because our leadership, financial wherewithal, manpower, tools and equipment, and accurate accounting system will ensure the success of a project.

Time, Materials & Equipment

This is one of the most commonly used methods of work by RS customers. We provide daily work sheets stating all labor, materials and equipment utilized to build a project. Agreed–upon labor rates, materials with an agreed–upon markup, and agreed–upon equipment rental rates are billed with the backup documentation provided. Frequently, this method is used because the drawings are not complete enough to provide a competitive fixed price and the customer needs to get the project completed at a competitive price.

Hard Bid

RS provides hard bids day in day out. Our estimators are trained and proficient in all types of electrical systems and understand the true costs of projects.

Preconstruction Services

One of the 25 shared values of RS Electric states Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan. It’s a simple truth that a project’s success is so much more achievable when upfront planning allows the project to start right, which almost always leads to it ending right. RS provides many services before a project starts, including budgeting, scheduling, manpower loading and BIM.