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Who we are…

RS Electric Corp has always been at the top of our field in the commercial electrical contracting. Indeed, our expertise is proven every day on the production floor, on assembly lines, in hospital rooms and office buildings all over the metropolitan area. We stake our reputation on the efficient and effective operation of our customers’ businesses. That’s why our company ideals have served us—and our clients—so well over the years:

  • Be honest, humble and patient.
  • Work hard, work smart and work safe.

Experience is not just a buzzword.
Our employees have field experience in the related fields in which they now serve as estimators, project managers or salespeople. This professional expertise helps us provide customers with advice and design support. Our electrician training program includes classroom study and on-the-job training. Consequently, manpower is never an issue. Our customers know we can deliver one or 100 electricians—whatever it takes to get the job done.

We do it right the first time.
To soar above our competition, we work hard to be the most efficient and proficient company we can. We provide employees the tools they need to continually upgrade their education, skills and performance. To that end, we believe our technicians can complete the same job in half the time as the competition. By the end of each project, the job is done right, on time and within budget.

We go the extra mile.
Our field personnel can travel to help customers who need to relocate equipment or systems. On the road, these technicians can disconnect and reconnect equipment at sites throughout the United States and other countries.

Size doesn’t matter.
RS Electric Corp provides the same great client service regardless of project size. Whether it’s a basic service call or a million-dollar project, our bids are competitive. On time/material, fee/base or design/build projects, our bids range from a basic service call to multi-million-dollar, fast-track projects. And we’re staffed, equipped and financially able to handle multi-million-dollar projects without interrupting our customers’ day-to-day operations.

We know how to use technology.
A cornerstone of our company, modern technology helps us create a safer, more efficient working environment. We continually invest in the most current technology when upgrading tools, equipment and metering devices. Often, this results in reduced need for manpower, and therefore, reduced cost for our customers. Efficiencies extend to the administrative side as well. Estimating software allows for more accurate estimates. Computerized accounting gives customers a true-to-date cost. And communication is made easier with our personalized e-mail addresses and AutoCAD software, which allows customers to send drawings via the Internet.

Workers discussing project.
Electrical connectivity

RS Electric Corp is proud to serve the greater Kansas City bi-state area, including Saint Joseph, Maryville, Chillicothe, Sedalia in Missouri, Atchison and Topeka in Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska. In addition, we provide service for special projects across the United States and internationally.

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RS Electric Corp places supreme importance on maintaining a safe working environment. In addition to extensive safety training, employees receive weekly safety tips that are discussed in-depth at onsite meetings with the foreman. Supervisors attend company-wide safety meetings. Our safety program also includes having MSDS sheets and the Hazcom-on-demand 800 number readily available at jobsites, as well as having a full-time safety coordinator on staff.
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Whether it’s current OSHA requirements such as 70E training or other certifications, you can be assured that when you hire RS Electric Corp personnel, they will be well trained to fulfill your needs.

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