Kansas City Thermal Scanning

You’re getting warmer. We can show you where.
Frequently, the way you learn there is a problem in your electrical system is when it fails. The downtime can be costly and devastating to your business.

But early detection with RS Electric Corp’s Infrared Thermal Scanning can detect growing problems before they cause a system failure.

Where there’s heat…

When parts of your electrical system begin to have problems, they give off heat – usually a sign of excessive friction or electrical resistance. A comprehensive thermal imaging scan will detect and pinpoint any hot spots in the system.

More often than not, the scan will detect problems that you can fix during scheduled downtimes. This will enable your power system to operate at maximum efficiency, while also improving the reliability and cost-efficiency of the system. Beyond that, staying on top of potential problems also improves the safety of your people.

Highly recommended.

Most insurance companies recommend performing this type of diagnostic survey regularly. In addition, the ANSI/NFPA 70B Electrical Equipment Maintenance Standard states that infrared inspections of electrical equipment should be performed annually.

But the potential cost savings alone should be incentive enough for you to utilize the RS Electric Corp Infrared Thermal. Serving the greater Kansas City metro area, St. Joseph and Sedalia, Missouri, Topeka, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska.

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