plc Support


When our customers call, they know we can hit the
ground running on any PLC electrical project.

RS Electric Corp knows the manufacturing industry. We understand how critical it is to keep products moving, utilizing the most current technology. RS technicians are proficient at integration, automation, manufacturing intelligence, batching, extrusion, tracking, bar code and more. The value to our customers comes from our understanding of their systems and processes, allowing us to keep their facilities up and running, and support them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We pride ourselves not only on technical expertise, but also on our ability to implement projects on site in a safe, professional manner. When our customers call, they know we can hit the ground running on any electrical project. With decades of service under our belt, we’ve worked and continue to work in many plants in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area, Topeka, St. Joseph and throughout the country. That experience, combined with the dedication of our field and office staff, makes RS Electric Corp the professionals to call for automation and process control needs.

Industries we serve:

Food processing, pet food, chemical, battery, ammunition, can plants, paper, plastic, printing, fiberglass

Services offered:

  • Motor control systems:  VFDs, soft-starts, across-the-line starters
  • MControl systems:  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and relay logic
  • Instrumentation and control devices: digital, analog and thermal
  • Control panels, Panelviews, HMI's, MMI's

Special skills:

  • Implementation of new devices in control system with program modifications
  • Troubleshooting and repair of control systems
  • Understanding the interface between the electrical control logic to the system mechanics
  • Reloading of existing and new programs
  • Converting one control logic hardware and software to another
  • Upgrades to existing control system(s)