Our company Safety Program and resources ensure
the implementation of safety, health and environmental controls.

Management Statement on Safety, Health and Environment

“RS Electric Corp administers comprehensive and continuous Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Programs for all employees. The health and safety of the individual employee takes precedence over all other concerns. Management’s goal is to reduce personal injury and occupational illnesses, and to comply with all safety, health, and environmental standards. This will be accomplished through the cooperative efforts of managers, supervisors and employees who seek to obtain the safest work place possible.

We are committed to taking environmental issues into account when planning and performing our work activities on our clients properties and work sites, and encouraging environmental awareness among employees, suppliers and the public. We are committed to compliance with the environmental laws that govern our activities, along with any obligations, which may be implemented in the future. We will work hard to prevent pollution and reduce, in as much as possible, the environmental impact of our business.

Safety, Health and Environmental Program Summary

The President of RS Electric Corp is charged with ensuring that sufficient resources are available to all employees, and to ensure the implementation of safety, health and environmental programs are addressed in their plan.

Project Managers and Foremen assume ownership of the Company Safety Program, and see that all safety procedures and rules are continually supported, coached, and assure that fair, progressive disciplinary action is used when necessary.

The Company has assembled a Safety Committee comprised of Officers, Project Managers and General Foremen. The Safety Committee meets monthly. The Safety Department facilitates the Safety Committee meetings and schedules the company’s project managers to discuss safety concerns, issues, near misses, and provide safety presentations and/or guest speakers at the meetings. The Safety Committee Members will insure that pertinent information is communicated up, down, and across the organizations work force. Committee members will be allowed to assist with accident/incident investigations, implement and follow up on corrective actions, and discuss safety issues with concerned employees.

Accident, Incident, and “Near-Misses” investigations are conducted by a Project Manager, Safety Manager, and Foreman, to provide recommendations for corrective actions.

The Safety Department is responsible for providing written safety programs and policies that are compliant with Company Policies and all Federal, State, and Local regulations. The Safety Department will ensure that they are effectively communicated to all levels of management by developing proactive tools for them to use. The Safety Manager, or his/her representative provide consultative solutions to safety, health and environmental issues to the Safety Committee when requested. The Safety Department provides assistance, training material, and information to the company Officers, Project Managers, and General Foremen for facilitation of Safety Committee Meetings. All company employees attend an annual refresher Safety, Health & Environmental Seminar. All company new hires attend a Safety, Health & Environmental new hire orientation class, which the Safety Department provides on a monthly schedule for employees hired each current month. The Safety Department, and/or their representative, will conduct Safety Audits on job sites monthly, and a Safety walk-through inspection be conducted monthly, or more often as needed.

The safety procedures and rules in this plan are based upon the Company’s written Safety Program and are considered minimum requirements in helping to provide a safe and healthy work place, and to provide compliance with applicable Federal, State and Local Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations. It is not meant to be all-inclusive or to cover every possibility. It is important to remember that common sense and the exercise of good judgment is expected of all employees.

As an employee, you are responsible for following the directions of management and these guidelines. Since specific safety and environmental requirements vary from job to job, your supervisor will inform you of the specific hazards and the Safety, Health and Environmental procedures for your task. If you do not clearly understand your responsibilities, ask your supervisor for guidance. EMR 2015 = .62

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